Our Courses

Course 1 - Gel Nails Course

 D-zine Gel Course

Training will be provided in Gel Systems - 3 Day Course


Gel nails are the latest innovation in professional nail enhancements and are easier to apply than acrylics. They are odour free and hard wearingGel Nails Beginners Course                                                                                                    They are odour free, hard wearing, beautiful to look at and in demand by customers who have tried and love them.

What You'll Learn

  • The basics of the nail industry.
  • Your tools and products
  • Techniques to apply and blend tips to extend the length of the nail.
  • How to apply the bonding, building and finishing layers of the Gel to the nail



Course 2 - Acrylic Tip and Overlay Nails

Acrylic Course

Training will be provided in Acrylic Systems - 4 Day Course

Both clients and nail technicians prefer this method and every serious nail technician should learn this system
- a good follow-on from the Gel Nail course.

What You'll Learn

  • The basics of the nail industry.
  • Your tools and products
  • To choose fit and blend an appropriate nail extension.
  • How to produce the perfect mix of acrylic liquid and powder and how to apply to different areas of the nail.
  • The critical step of shaping the acrylic to a perfect profile and finishing in minute detail.
  • To continue with the correct choices for all the nails on the entire hand.
Course 3 - Fibreglass Nails Course


Silk and Fibre Course

Training will be provided in Fibre and Silk - 2 Day Course

Less popular but in some ways superior! The first choice for a nail-biter and if applied correctly will look very natural.
The finished nails are really tough and easier to remove than other systems.

What You'll Learn

  • The basics of the nail industry.
  • Your tools and products
  • How to extend the length of the natural nail with tips and how to blend them seamlessly into the natural nail.
  • How to apply layers of resin, fibre strips and more resin making the fibre weave invisible.
  • How to use the activator to set the resin.
  • How to add further layers of resin to strengthen and enhance the nail's shape.
  • Finally to buff and shine the nail to produce fantastic looking nails.
Complete Course

Simplicity Professional Course - Acrylic Nails & Logik Gel Polish

Training will be proviede in Acrylic & Logik Gel Polish - 5 Day Course

Brief Course Content

  • Nail anatomy and disorders
  • Client consultation
  • About acrylic nails
  • Sanitation and disinfection
  • About gel nails
  • Project/Business Plan
  • About nail art

Course Delivery

Learners will be trained interactively, theoretically and practically for each of the modules. Then case studies, will be required from each student as well as projects on the entire course subjects prior to examinations.
Please Note

We hold all Systems Nail courses every second Monday of the month.

  • 5 days
  • After 5 days - theory exam
  • Practice 140 hours
  • +/- 30 Clients
  • When ready you come for a practical exam within 6 month
  • You do a project which is a must and counts towards your marks
  • The Sudent will need to arrange for some models during the course.


All courses include Stock Training & Exam fees. With each course a Project has to be completed.

Please Note : Prices can change with prior notice

Nail Tachnology Products Recieved in a Kit


Nail Essentials Gel Acrylic             
Resin Clear Gel Violet Liquid
Nozzles x2 French White Gel Powder(Pink)
Nail Prep Colour Gel Powder(White)
Polish Remover Gel Brush Acrylic Brush
Professional Clipper UV Lamp 4 Globe PF Bond
Dusting Brush Final Wipe Dappen Dish Tripple
Soak off Final UV top coat Dappen Dish Glass
Herbal Nail Application Polish Remover Nail Forms
Cuticle Pusher   Colour Acrylic
Nail Clipper
Orange Stick
Cuticle Oil
Girlfriend File
Teardrop File x2
Sanding Block x2
Clear Tips 200's
French Tips 100's
Tip Box & Numbers
Top & Base Coat
Training Manual
Practice Tips


 Conversion Course - R500.00 per day (stock excluding)

This is for Nail Technicians who do not have a Nail House Diploma.

You will have to buy the necessary stock needed.

The days are Depending on which system you do a conversion course and the Educator will let you know as you go along!

Nail Art Course

3D Acrylic Nail Art Course 13 & 14 October 2014 - R2600 kit included.

One Stroke Nail Art Course 15 October 2014 - R1500 Kit Included.

Educator - Oksana van Tonder, Nail Art Academy SA

Please contact us for more info and for bookings.

Manicure and Pedicure Course


Inculdes Kit and Training

You will need to bring a model with you.

Eyelash Course

Eyelash Courses - One day Course

One day Course

Includes Kit, Training and Exams

Student will have to bring a model with them.

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