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NH140 Brush Gel nr 4     R49.95
NH140/1 Brush Gel no 3 - Slimline     R39.95
NH141 Brush Acrylic size 6 - Kolinski    R69.95 
NH141/1  Brush Acrylic OVAL nr 6a (Clear)     R59.95
NH141/6B  Brush Acrylic JUMBO 8 - Round (6b)    R69.95 
NH141/E Brush EVE size 6     R136.60
NH141/E1 Brush EVE size 8    R206.60
NH141/E2 Brush EVE size 10     R298.30
NH351 Double Up Brushes (6 Brushes)     R132.00
NH140/2  Nail Art Brush 4# (Long & Thin)     R20.00
NH/BS-1  Nail Art Brush (Short)     R15.00
NH/NBS-5  Nail Art Brush 5# (Long & Thick)     R20.00
NH/NBS-7  Nail Art Brush 7# (Dotting Tool)     R15.00
NH/NBS-11  Nail Art brush 11# (White, Short & Skew)    R20.00
NH200/1  Nail Art Pen Kit (6pcs)     R40.00
NH220/2  Nail Art Pen Kit (7pcs)     R55.00
NH145  Dotting Tools Kit     R80.00

                                  ACCESSORIES AND TOOLS

1H1C  Cuticle Pusher Metal    R24.00
NH12  Orange Sticks    R4.95
NH12/1  Orange Stick (Separately)    R0.50
NH114 Cuticle Pusher Rubber End    R5.95
NH151  Cuticle Nippers    R69.95
NH151/1  Cuticle Cutter Rubber End    R6.95
NH/ST  Sanding Sticks 12's    R21.95
NH23  Ruby Stone    R15.95
NH/SB  Soaking Bowls Each  R24.95
NH138  Dusting Brush    R23.95
NH138/1  Dusting Brush Jumbo    R42.95
NH/NB  Nail Brush    R6.95
NH/CD  Brush Dusting - Hard one    R7.95
NH/P1  Pedicure Slicer    R22.95
NH/P2  Pedicure Blades 10 per packet    R12.67
NH/PS  Pedicure - Pumi Stone    R12.95
NH113/G  Nail Wipes  Gauze 100   R15.95
NH77  Nial Wipes Lint Free 200  R49.00
NH/W  Wipe off Pads    R52.95
NH/WH  Cellulose Squares Dispenser    R218.95
NH127 Menda Pump    R29.95
NH132/S  Silver Nail Clipper LARGE    R14.95
NH133  Silver Nail Clipper Small Pocket size    R10.95
NH133/S  Silver Cuticle Trimmer    R9.50
NH136  Proffesional Clipper    R31.95
NH/AAM  Nail Pierce Puncher    R39.95
NH67  Stainless Steel Scissors    R28.00
NH67/1  Scissors Stork    R39.95
Nh67/C  Stainless Steel curved scissors-Narrow (CS-1)    R28.00
NH67/CS-2  Stainless Steel curved scissors - Broad    R28.00
NH19/AD  Twezzers - Design Assorted    R17.95
NH101/AS  Beauty Scissors - Desgn Assorted    R18.95
NH101/G  Scissors - Guitar    R21.95
NH101/V  Scissors - Viollin    R21.95
NH/DT  Desk Tidy (Organizer)    R119.95
NH182/1 Dappin Dish flower    R8.95
NH182/S  Dappink Dish Glass    R8.95
NH182/3  Dappin Dish Tripple    R14.95
NH182/L  Lid for Dappin dish     R7.50
NH/PLD  Plastic Liquid Dropper    R2.00
NH188  Teflon Nail Froms - Single    R8.95
NH118/1  Telfon Nail Froms - Box    R40.95
NH163/1  Nail Froms - Double Thick    R58.00
NH163/2  Nail Froms - Double Square    R58.00
NH163/3  Nail Forms - Pink Horse Shoe From (Double Thick)    R58.00
NH/NF  Nail Forms - Square Froms    R58.00
NH164/P  Nail Forms - Pink Frog Forms    R58.00
NH164/B  Nail Forms - Blue Frog Forms    R58.00
NH164/R  Nail Forms - Rose Frog Forms    R58.00
NH165 Nail Forms - Fish Forms    R58.00
NH250  Toe Separators p/pair - Silicone    R15.90
NH47  Tip Guides    R9.95
NH153  Client Cards    R20.00
NH195  Tip Box - Empty    R27.95
NH112/W  Working Sponge    R33.00
NH/WP  White Nail Pencil    R16.95
NH121  Polish Corrector    R21.95
NH179P Primer Pen    R12.95  
NH128  Glue Nozzels    R2.00
NHD  Nail Form Dispenser    R39.95
NH/B Brush Cleaner - Container    R27.00
NH615 Empty Paint Disk (Round / Heart)    R10.00
NH/PD Empty Disassemble color Chart    R24.95
NH/ND Empty Plastic Color Chart (Natural Color)    R21.95
NHC Color Pops - Empty (18 Sticks)    R59.95
NH400 Empty paint Sticks (10 Sticks)    R21.95
  Loose ones    R1.40
NH/JD Jewelery Dispenser    R12.95
NH/NS-5000 Nail Art Design's Display    R39.95
NH500 Drill My Manicurist 7 Bits + Transformer    R175.00
NH500/RB Drill Bits Replacements    R8.95
NHD4 Drill Manicurist MM400    R495.00
NHD3 Drill - MM2000    R995.00
NHD1 Manicure Machine - MM2800   R995.00
NHD2 Magnifier Lamp    R350.95


All prices are exclusive of VAT.
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