Manicured hands are becoming increasingly popular among both ladies and gents. Professional Nail Systems are the perfect accessory to those manicures as they are long lasting and easy to maintain. The Nail House has got you – we have numerous options with extensive colour selections. Although our nail systems are super durable, you will need to do your bit on maintenance in order to get the best, chip free, longest lasting wear.


Below are our PRO TIPS to taking care of your nails post treatment.


  • Ask for rubber base coat for added protection

Base coat form a protective layer over your natural nail. This step not only protects the nail from stains by coloured product but can also help the colour look more saturated. The Nail House now have rubber base available in pink, black and clear – pink being perfect for your nudes/ lighter colors and black being perfect for your dark gel polishes giving it more depth! A MUST have for thin and brittle nails.


  • Keep your hands clean

Clean your nails daily with soap, a scrubbing brush and warm water.  This will eliminate the temptation to dig under your nails with strange or sharp objects. If performing tasks with harsh chemicals, gardening, or doing anything that involves soaking water or working with dirt with your hands, always use gloves! If it’s possible, even while washing the dishes. This will protect your nails from bending, breaking and softening which may lead to nail product lifting.


  • Your nails are NOT tools

Most of us have developed the habit of using our nails as a tool for opening things, screwing things, scraping things such as opening a beverage, little do we know that this habit damages our nails and weakens them. Use proper tools and this will help reduce your nails from breaking.


  • Always moisturize your hands and nails

You wouldn’t go to sleep without moisturizing your face, so why should your hands and nails be any different? Nails can be delicate and need all the care they can get to prevent them from breaking and chipping. Moisturize your cuticles with our Protein Cuticle oil or cuticle massage cream to keep them soft and supple. Our Ivy Beau Massage Butter makes for a luxurious hand cream and smells so refreshing. Our Protein Cuticle oil is rich in Vitamin E and Tea tree oil. The Tea Tree Oil has an anti-fungal function, protecting the nails from unwanted infections.


  • Never and we mean NEVER peel off your gel polish, gel, silk / fiber, or acrylic.

Peeling off your nail product whether out of boredom or lazy removal may seem like a good idea at the time – saves the soaking time, right? Until you do it. Beside the obvious pain, it shouldn’t be a surprise to discover that this will thin your nails and can cause lasting, irreversible damage.  It can ruin the health of your nails and have some nasty after-effects like infections.

When you peel off nail product, you’re not just peeling off the product. You’re peeling off the top few layers of the nails themselves. This can lead to cracking, brittle nails that, especially with repeated peeling, weaken over time. This causes irregular surfaces and textures on your nails, making them uneven, very dry and flaky. If you’re a ‘serial peeler’, you may have to take an extended break from nail services until your tips recover completely from the trauma!


But how do I properly remove nail product?

We recommend going to your trusted nail technician for removal but if you are a night owl at work and barely have time on your hands you can make use of our Soaking Bowls or alternatively our Removal Foils. Fill the bowel or saturate the cotton pad on the foil with acetone. Rest your fingertips in the bowel or wrap the foil around the finger making sure the cotton pad is over the nail. This will allow the product to dissolve and will be easier to remove with an orange wood stick. Do not file on your natural nail.


If you are interested in more tips and tricks and want to broaden your knowledge? The time is now, sign up for our Professional Techniques – Nail System training right here on our website or contact us on 0612476328 .


The Nail House Team