The Nail House nail enhancing systems set you up for the perfect, lasting manicure. We have a range of trade marked options for you namely: Acrylic (liquid & powder), Logik Gel Polish, DZine hard gels, Silk, Fiber and Poly Gel. In order to achieve a successful application, as with everything in life, preparation is key.


Natural nail preparation is probably the most important step before applying any nail system. Unfortunately this MOST important step is often neglected. It is not only about proper product application, but adequate preparation that is the key for long lasting results.


Improper nail preparation can cause nail damage, for example – over excessive filing or buffing of the nail bed. We advise you not to use a coarse grit file on the nail bed for preparation as you will remove too much of the nail plate leaving nails thin and fragile. This may even cause long term, lasting damage.


The Nail House Nail Prep is the ideal preparation partner which will remove oil and dead cells without the use of excessive files and buffs. Once oil and dead cells are removed, you will find that your chosen nail system will adhere to the nail as it should with lasting results.


Follow this easy step by step guide to properly prepare your natural nails before applying any The Nail House nail systems.


STEP 1 – Start by shaping the natural nails with a Fantasy File or a soft grit file (Try our Zebra Tear Drop File).

STEP 2 – Soften and dissolve excess cuticle by applying our Cuticle Remover to the cuticle area. Leave it to saturate the cuticle for 2 minutes.

STEP 3 – Now, gently push back the cuticles with a Rubber Hoof, Orange Wood Stick or Metal Cuticle Pusher.

STEP 4 – Remove stubborn cuticle debris with a Ruby Stone. In small circular motions around the cuticle area on the nail bed. Gently remove any remaining cuticle. Take care removing debris in the corners and sidewalls. Cuticle debris left on the nail bed will cause product lifting. Wipe away any remaining Cuticle Remover using Nail Prep on a Lint Free Wipe or Nail Gauze.

STEP 5 – If you have done a wet manicure with scrubs, allow the nail bed to dry completely before product application. Natural nails absorb water easily and this prevents good adhesion of The Nail House nail systems.

STEP 6 – Gently buff the nail bed by stroking the buffing block over the nail just to remove the shine. Avoid over buffing.

STEP 7 – Remove dust from the nail with a Dusting Brush.

STEP 8 – Clean the nail and remove all oil and left over debris from the nail bed by wiping the nail with Nail Prep on a Nail gauze.

You can now proceed with your nail treatment whether it be tip application, Logik Gel Polish, Dzine builder gels, Poly Gel, Acrylic, Silk or Fiber. Each nail system will have its unique application sequence which we teach you in The Nail House Professional Nail Systems training. For more information on contact or distance training email us on or DM us on Social Media.


You can shop all of the above mentioned products and tools right here on our website! Click on our Shop tab. After all, with quality products comes quality preparation.


The Nail House Team