Curing Logik gel polish

It’s a situation you do not want to get caught in right? Well, at The Nail House we are all about education so let’s address the situation.


Sufficient curing and correct product application will give you a lasting wear on your LOGIK gel polish without any problems for several weeks. A well looked after LOGIK gel polish manicure can wear for up to a month (it will grow out naturally in this time but should not lift or chip.) Lifting can be caused by improper application, incorrect or insufficient curing or insufficient post treatment care.


For this post we will focus on under / incorrect curing and how to address it.


Firstly,  make sure that you are using the recommended curing lamps and correct curing times for the LOGIK gel polish. We recommend our Sun 5 UV/LED lamp to cure our LOGIK Gel Polish. If you are using a traditional UV lamp, make sure the bulbs are not over used. Typically UV bulbs should not have more than 100 curing hours on them. Some more modern lamps have a timer option for this.  If you experience under curing of your product, test your curing under a different recommended lamp. This will tell you whether the issue is your lamp or your application. LOGIK gel polish should be cured for 2 minutes under UV light and for 1 minute under LED light.


A second reason for under / incorrect curing is that you are possibly applying your LOGIK gel-polish too thick. When gel-polish is applied too heavy, the UV light cannot penetrate through the entire layer to cure it properly. Dark colours such as black are very pigmented. In order to ensure sufficient curing it is important to rather apply more but thinner layers at a time, curing in between layers.


Our third tip to you is to check your clients hand positioning in the curing lamp. A spot that often under cures is the side of the thumb, closest to the lamps floor. Try curing less nails at a time making sure that the area to cure is directly under the curing light. If your lamp does not have side lights for example, cure the thumbs separate to the other fingers, ensuring that they are facing up – straight under the curing light.


Signs of insufficient curing:


  • The most obvious to look out for is that the gel polish should be hardened after the curing and not have a soft rubber feel to it.
  • Once cured your gel polish is not supposed to leave a residue of the lint free pad or gauze when the top inhibition layer is wipe off with Final Wipe, if it does- it’s definitely not cured 100%
  • A final sign of insufficient curing is if your topcoat appears dull after wiping with Final Wipe.


We hope  this has been informative and helpful. Feel free to contact us with any other challenges / enquiries.


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